National Housing Supply Council 

The National Housing Supply Council is part of the Treasury portfolio, and functions in an advisory capacity.

The National Competition Council is a federal statutory authority which functions as an independent advisory body for all governments on third party access regulation. The Council's aim is to improve the well being of all Australians through growth, innovation and rising productivity, and by promoting competition that is in the public interest.


Current board appointments

Position Appointee Gender Start date End date
Chairperson Owen Donald Male 23/04/2012 22/04/2014
Deputy Chairperson Saul Eslake Male 23/04/2012 22/04/2014
Member Sue Holliday Female 23/04/2012 22/04/2014
Member Judy Yates Female 23/04/2012 22/04/2014
Member Mary Patetsos Female 23/04/2013 22/04/2015
Member Graeme Hugo Male 23/04/2013 22/04/2015
Member Michael Lennon Male 23/04/2013 22/04/2015
Member Meredith Sussex Female 23/04/2013 22/04/2015
Member Nigel Satterley Male 23/04/2013 22/04/2015