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National Landcare Advisory Committee 

The National Landcare Advisory Committee is part of the Environment and Energy portfolio, and functions in an advisory capacity.

The National Landcare Advisory Committee is a joint Environment and Agriculture portfolio non-statutory body, established by the Natural Heritage Ministerial Board to provide advice on the development and implementation of the National Landcare Programme. The committee will provide advice on: programme design to ensure effective and efficient achievement of priorities; implementation issues and risks, including feedback on the effectiveness of investment in achieving outcomes; options and opportunities for continual improvement particularly for engaging stakeholders and maintaining community participation; and any other matters requested by the board. For further information about the committee please email (Environment portfolio) or (Agriculture portfolio).


Current board appointments

Position Appointee Gender Start date End date
Chairperson Ms Sue Middleton Female 21/01/2016 12/09/2017
Deputy Chairperson Ms Juanita Hamparsum Female 12/01/2016 12/09/2017
Member Associate Professor Ron Edwards Male 15/01/2016 12/09/2017
Member Ms Cathy Phelps Female 05/01/2016 12/09/2017
Member Mr Ricky Archer Male 08/01/2016 12/09/2017
Member Ms Tessa Jakszewicz Female 14/01/2016 12/09/2017
Member Mr Allan Williams Male 22/12/2015 12/09/2017
Member Mr Cameron O'Neil Male 13/01/2016 12/09/2017
Member Mr David Walker Male 20/01/2016 12/09/2017
Member Mr James McKee Male 12/01/2016 12/09/2017