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What is AusGovBoards? 

AusGovBoards is designed to provide comprehensive information about Australian Government boards including information about applying for board positions.

Becoming an Australian Government board member is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the Australian community. There are around 400 Government boards. They deal with a variety of industries, from agriculture to aged care; mining to medicine. Board members come from all across Australia and consider a fascinating range of topics and issues.

People from all walks of life with different skills and experiences can make a contribution on Australian Government boards.

At AusGovBoards you will find all the information you need to know about Australian Government boards including:

  • The role of Australian Government boards
  • A list of Australian Government boards and brief board descriptions
  • What it’s like to be on a board and the work it entails
  • How to assess whether you’re ready for a board position
  • Information on board vacancies
  • Appointment terms and expiry dates